Q: Are you still looking for people to interview?

A: I am always looking for people to interview.

Q: If you already interviewed someone with a particular disability, are you still looking for other people with the same disability to interview ?

A: Absolutely! Every person has a unique perspective! The more perspectives, the better!

Q: If I want to be interviewed, can I be anonymous?

A: Yes, there’s no obligation to have your name posted. You have the choice of using your first name, full name or remain anonymous.

Q: I’m not sure if my condition counts as a disability. Can I still be interviewed?

A: Doesn’t hurt to ask! You can send me a message here or e-mail me at beinmyshoesblog@gmail.com

Q: Pouvez-vous faire des entrevues en Français pour les francophones?

A: Oui, je parle Français. Envoyez-moi un message ici ou un email a beinmyshoesblog@gmail.com

Q: ¿Puedes entrevistarme si hablo español?

A: Sí, puedo entrevistarte. Envíame un mensaje aquí o un correo electrónico a beinmyshoesblog@gmail.com