Dear Reader,

Society has a tendency to view people with disabilities through a restrictive lens of what they cannot do instead of what they can do. Sometimes having a disability can feel like an uphill battle: not only when learning to manage it, but also when others try to define you based on their perceptions of your disability. I created Be In My Shoes to give a voice to people with disabilities and allow them to relate to others with the same disabilities. To accomplish this, I search for people all over the world to interview and share their perspectives. Perhaps you have a disability and want to hear about other peoples’ experiences with your disability. Maybe you’re a friend or family member of someone with a disability. Perhaps you don’t even have a disability, but want to educate yourself about the experiences of someone who does. For whatever reason, thank you for visiting my website. Be In My Shoes showcases the perseverance, strength, wisdom and courage of people with disabilities. I hope their experiences are as inspiring for you as they are for me.

Take care,

Adam David (EN/FR/SP)

Adam is a 25-year-old student living in Calgary, Alberta. He holds two H.B.Sc. degrees in Biochemistry and Psychology. In his spare time, Adam volunteers at a local long-term care facility and represents the Alberta Director for the National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS).

Every penny raised from this blog is donated to the National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS), a registered charity that supports students with disabilities across Canada. Learn more about NEADS here.